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Heated Eye Pad

If you have dry eyes, you certainly know how uncomfortable and frustrating they can be. And if you have dry eye syndrome, you suffer from a disease of the eyes that is characterized by insufficient production of tears, poor quality of tears, increased tear evaporation, or some combination of these issues. Standard treatment has typically been centered around artificial tears; eye drops that are used to supplement what your eyes are making on their own or to compensate for evaporated moisture. But we're pleased to offer the advanced heated eye pad treatment, which provides you with relief of symptoms simple, quickly, and safely without having to put anything in your eyes.

Our heated eye pad treatment consists of a mask that is unique and patent pending. It is designed to fit comfortably over your face and to retain a consistent temperature. Compared to using a warm compress, which gets cold or becomes saturated, leading to a feeling of sogginess that is not pleasant, our heated eye pad treatment will not lose its warmth. And it also won't get too warm. Many people have experienced the situation where a warm compress is scalding hot. That can damage your eyes and the surrounding skin. You're looking to feel better, not worse. The benefits of our heated eye pad treatment don't stop there, however. The mask is adjustable, so it will fit you as if it were made just for your face. It will feel just like wearing a pair of comfortable eyeglasses. The heat is delivered exactly where you need it, and nowhere else. And our state-of- the-art product has been cleared by the FDA, so you can be confident when you use it.

Don't let dry eyes cause you discomfort and affect your vision, even if it is temporary. Now there is a perfect method for dealing with it.